Increasing the Impact of Fund For Teachers

The Business Innovation Factory will partner with Fund For Teachers (FFT) to explore innovative models to elevate the impact of the FFT Fellowship.  Fund For Teachers has provided transformative experiences for educators for the past 15 years.  They have contributed to the expertise and fulfillment of America’s educators by providing grants for over 6,400 teachers to pursue learning opportunities around the globe.  Fund for Teachers honors teachers’ professionalism by empowering each Fellow to design their own unique Fellowship experience.  Not only do Fellows develop new skills, knowledge, and confidence, they also bring their transformational experiences back to their classrooms to impact their students’ learning.

Design Challenge

How might we leverage the collective experience, energy, and efforts of Fund for Teachers Fellows to amplify the impact of the Fellowship for the teachers who participate, their colleagues, their students, and their broader communities?  


The BIF Student Experience Lab  has partnered with Fund for Teachers to develop innovative ways to leverage the organization’s expertise in supporting teachers, their existing network of Fellows, and their growing regional cohorts of new Fellows to amplify the impact of the Fellowship.  We crafted and  facilitated a human-centered design studio that empowered current and past Fellows, Fund for Teachers staff, and community advisors as designers of new models.  By mapping out the experiences of end users (teachers, students, and community members both local and abroad), participants explored opportunities to create new experiences that engage Fellows--and broader communities--beyond individual learning expeditions.