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BIF Experience Labs

BIF Experience Labs

At BIF, we are passionate about enabling transformation. It’s between summits when we continue up the business model innovation and social system transformation learning curve. It’s also when we put the BIF genome, our transformation toolset and our community to work. Our objective is to enable transformation in our social systems including education, health care, energy and entrepreneurship.

BIF Experience Labs were born from a deep conviction that tweaks won’t create the change we need; they won’t get us where we need to go fast enough. We need to go from tweaks to transformation.

We are trying to catalyze something bigger than any of us. We believe that human centered design will help us chart the path. It is the process of understanding the experience of people within our systems — patients, students, citizens, elders, entrepreneurs — and using this insight to design and prototype new models and systems, which we take to the real world for experimentation.

Through the BIF Experience Labs, we work with partners and sponsors — public and private — to develop a rich understanding of the real people from within our social systems. We seek to understand how they relate to, and experience the world around them. From these insights, we design (often in participation with our end users) and test new opportunities. Each Experience Lab is housed on a collaborative platform, which enables us to go up the learning curve together with a robust community of innovators. Our goal is to transfer our learning, our failures, and our successes to our partners and the broader system as a whole. Together, we are co-creating the future.

Participate. Collaborate.

We love to experiment with others, and are actively building our cadre of partners – individuals and institutions who want to accelerate experimentation and research in our Labs and across the BIF Platform. For more information, contact Eli