The Business Innovation Factory’s Nursing Home of the Future:
A Place to Design, Test and Learn.

How do we care for our elders?
and enable them to care for themselves?
It is an urgent question as the Baby Boomers approach their elder years
BIF and our Partners have created a platform
to look deeply at the elder experience
and re-imagine it
enabling our partners to design new products, services and environments
that focus on the humans at the center
creating a future of elder care
that is happier, healthier, and sustainable.
Take a Tour of the Nursing Home of the Future

Take a Tour of the Nursing Home of the Future

Learn more about the Business Innovation Factory's Nursing Home of the Future and the platform we've created to design and test new solutions in elder care.

Transforming Elder Care


The NHoF lab has created a platform to test new ideas in a real world environment in partnership with designers, clinicians, service providers, product manufacturers and elder care experts.

Videos, Pix and Illustrations


The NHoF team has synthesized phase I work into a series of videos, vignettes and pictorial displays that make it easier for everyone to understand the elder care experience see opportunities for improving it.


Meet the Residents at Tockwotton Home

Meet the Residents at Tockwotton Home

At the heart of the NHoF’s first phase of activity are the people at Tockwotton Home, who opened up their lives to our team so that we can understand how to make the experience better for our country’s next generation of elder care residents.