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How do
individuals engage with BIF?

BIF offers inspiring opportunities, such as our Collaborative Innovation Summit and Community Critiques, that help individuals scale the business model innovation learning curve.

Attend Our Annual BIF Summit

Attend the BIF Summit

A two-day storytelling jam, peppered with tales of discovery and transformation. Called “one of the best places to see great minds at work” by Mashable, the Summit is the annual gathering of BIF innovation junkies. Inspired by the tales of 32 storytellers, we think across silos and form collaborations with the most unusual suspects.

Benefits Include

  • Learn from the best business model innovation pioneers
  • Collide and collaborate with unusual suspects
  • Create conversations and networks that extend far past the event
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Engage in a Community Critique

In our real-world Experience Labs, we explore new disruptive models in health care, education, and government. We like to test our hypotheses early and often. Through community critiques, individuals can participate in our lab projects, offering their experience and wisdom to help us think critically about systems transformation.

Benefits Include

  • Network via cross-collaborative work
  • Make a difference by sharing your personal experience and wisdom
  • Learn more about human-centered design and the people at the center of our work
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How do organizations engage with BIF?

Organizations engage deeply with BIF, benefiting from our R&D labs for new business models, our Collaborative Innovation Summit, our methodologies, and our insights.

Become a BIF Member

Members gain a position at the bleeding edge of business model innovation, with an open door to conversations with business model pioneers, and can participate in customized learning opportunities, workshops, and the BIF Summit.

Benefits Include

  • Customized business model innovation briefing
  • Three tickets to the BIF Summit
  • Access to the BIF community
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Sponsor a Project in Our Experience Labs

BIF’s real-world Experience Labs are doing R&D for new business models capable of disrupting our most vital social systems including health, education, and government. Through project sponsorship, organizations have access to our R&D capabilities and benefit from customer insights, business model design, prototyping, and real-world experimentation.

Benefits Include

  • Customer insights and experience mapping
  • Business model design and prototyping
  • Access the BIF community
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Register for a Business Model Bootcamp

BIF Business Model Bootcamp is a two-day experiential workshop for leaders to learn how to design, prototype, and test new business models.

Who should go to the BIF Business Model Bootcamp?

  • Leaders who know all business models are vulnerable to disruption and don’t last as long as they used to
  • Leaders who know that incrementally improving existing business models is necessary but not sufficient
  • Leaders who know they have to learn how to explore entirely new business models while still pedaling the bicycle of the existing one
  • Leaders who want their organizations to stay relevant in the 21st century
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If our genome and community resonates with you, why not get involved? At BIF we want to go up the learning curve together. We offer many opportunities to join the conversation, become a member, engage in our Experience Labs, partner, and invest.

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