The BIF Manifesto

We believe that business model innovation is on the critical path to transforming our important social systems including education, health care, and government. Tweaking our existing models and systems won't work. We need to imagine, prototype, and test new models and systems in the real world.

Our Mantra Is
R&D for New Business Models

Business models don't last as long as they used to. Leaders must be good at pedaling the bicycle of today's models while simultaneously exploring new ones.

Off The White Board
and on to the real world

Business model innovation is a generative act. Don't study it, do it. Go from a napkin sketch to a real-world prototype, and iterate until repeatable and scalable.









Gold in the Grey Space




Systems Thinking

We need to shift our lenses and develop a rich understanding of the people we serve. By understanding their experience, behaviors, and motivations, we can identify the jobs they need done and imagine wholly new opportunities to serve them.

We use stories to pull people into transformation, asking them to co-create the narrative as it unfolds. Through stories, we help leaders see the world differently and create the will to invest in new opportunities.

We want to engage people in the co-creation of new models, systems, and solutions. We don’t just design for users, we design with them. From patient engagement to student-centered learning, we believe co-creation generates more relevant and engaging models.

We need to think and act horizontally. The tall walls between institutions and people limit possibilities. We can design powerful models by accessing existing capabilities across silos and disciplines, combining them in new and different ways.

We must move faster from the whiteboard to the real world, creating tangible versions of our hypotheses that people can experience. Through a portfolio of rapid experiments that test multiple paths simultaneously, we can accelerate learning and development.

We must work across systems, avoiding the tendency to introduce point solutions. Systems are networks of business models that have evolved into cooperation. This is how we align incentives to drive behavioral change.

The BIF Genome

Individuals and organizations that are good at business model innovation share a common set of characteristics. We call it The BIF Genome. Are you wired the same way?

BIF Genome Video


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