BIF2016 Workshop

Friday, September 16 from 9:00am to 12:00pm

Our third-day workshop offers space to decompress, to place the Summit a-ha moments into context — and to enjoy "innopie" for breakfast!

First, BIF Founder and Chief Catalyst Saul Kaplan will lead us as we share impressions about the stories we've just heard, the random collisions we've had, and the connections among storytellers, participants, ideas, and stories. 

Then, we'll break into five interest groups to discuss questions such as: 

  • What did we discover about ourselves, our passions, and our work from the past two days of stories?
  • What Summit-inspired insights will we take back to our work?
  • How can the Summit experience make us work better and smarter?
  • How can this experience help us reimagine or even redesign our work?
  • How can we build purposeful networks to help us move up the innovation learning curve?

Interest Groups