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Written by Stephanie Lanoue @StephanieLanoue [email protected]

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The Business Innovation Factory’s (BIF) mission is to help institutional leaders design, test, and commercialize next practices and new business models in the real world. Our vision is to influence systems-level transformation in areas of high social importance focusing on healthcare, education, and public services. We believe that human-centered design, rapid prototyping, and storytelling/engagement are at the heart of any successful transformation process.

An increasing number of institutional leaders know that disruption is everywhere, business models don’t last as long as they used to, and current innovation efforts are at best-producing tweaks. If transformation is the goal, leaders know they need a new innovation approach. BIF helps make transformation safer and easier to manage by helping leaders design, test, and commercialize next practices and new business models.

BIFs Methodology for Next Practices and New Business Models

A key component of BIF’s business model is its crazy cool Experience Design Team, who are now nine strong. BIF’s Experience Designers work with our Experience Labs to deliver our strategy, design, and capacity services in the healthcare, education, and public services market. As their career’s progress, Experience Designers assume project and client management roles and work to support business development, as well as on developing BIF’s next design practices and tools. Here is our new BIF Experience Design Competency Model.

What are we looking for?

We are seeking a BIF Experience Design Team Leader to join the BIF Leadership Team. We are looking for a player-coach, someone who leads by example in the market. We are looking for someone who can further build and develop our go-to-market delivery capability (see BIF’s Design Methodology.)Our Experience Design Team Leader will be responsible for leading any of our most complex projects and important client relationships, as well as being a role model helping to recruit, engage, develop, and retain our experience design talent. In addition to key market-facing roles, our Experience Design Team Leader will also play an important internal role as coach, mentor, and talent development in collaboration with BIF’s Talent Manager, Stephanie Lanoue.

BIF’s Experience Design Team Leader will work actively in the market in project, client, and business development leadership roles (70%). This BIF leadership role also includes responsibility for our Experience Designer talent development capability (30%).


  • Be ready to assume project, client delivery, and development leadership roles in the market to deliver our next practices and new business model strategy, design, and capacity services
  • Work across and with all three of our BIF Experience Labs targeting education, healthcare, and public services
  • Be capable of leading any of BIF’s most important clients, complex projects, and teams
  • Serve as a role model both externally and internally to attract, mentor, coach, and retain experience design talent
  • Help our design talent get better faster at developing creative project outputs and transformative solutions
  • Strengthen and grow BIF’s Experience Design Team
  • Serve as an active participant on BIF’s Leadership Team