BIF Welcomes Takeda as New BIF Partner

Business Innovation Factory (BIF) is pleased to announce Takeda Pharmaceutical as a new BIF Partner. BIF Members and Partners engage with a growing community of institutional business model innovators taking advantage of opportunities to connect leaders to a steady flow of business model design ideas, practices, and tools.

Takeda Pharmaceutical, a 235-year-old global company, with a proud tradition of innovation is embarking upon its own digital transformation journey. It has established a global Takeda Digital Accelerator which has enabled more than 50 projects in the last year and a half with a vision of transforming medical practice and the healthcare experience for patients. BIF will collaborate with the Takeda Digital Accelerator team in support of Takeda's effort to enable the rapid development and deployment of breakthrough new practices and business models to transform customer experience and value.

“Takeda and BIF share a vision of enabling patients at the center of their own healthcare. We are both committed to exploring and testing breakthrough next practices and new business models to transform the patient experience. Takeda is a wonderful addition to BIF’s growing community of corporate innovation junkies”  said BIF Founder and Chief Catalyst, Saul Kaplan. “I started out in the pharmaceutical industry and have always believed that the industry has an important leadership role to play in transforming healthcare around the world.  I can’t wait to see where our Takeda-BIF partnership goes.”


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