Welcoming Kare Anderson to Business Innovation Factory’s Board of Directors

Kare Anderson.jpeg

The Business Innovation Factory is pleased to announce the addition to our board of an individual who personifies BIF’s core principals to Connect, Inspire, and Transform: Kare Anderson.

Kare speaks and writes about behavioral research-based ways to become more deeply and diversely connected.  She has won awards as a writer both for NBC and for The Wall Street Journal. She speaks and writes regularly for Forbes and The Huffington Post. Anderson also consults for clients such as Salesforce, Novartis, the San Francisco Giants, and the Skoll Foundation. Her books include Mutuality Matters, Moving From Me to We, and Getting What You Want. Anderson serves on the advisory boards of Gloopt, Raynforest, Watermark, and TEDxMarin, is a founding board member of Annie’s Homegrown, and the co-founder of nine political PACs.

Kare wants to change the way you see and interact with the world. In Kare’s writing and discussions, she contends that “innovation requires people to hear each other or it’s like bad collaboration -- it’s worse than no collaboration.” This is the kind of common-sense-based ingenuity that Kare brings to her role as Business Innovation Factory’s newest board member, as the dedicated team of designers and testers of new business models and social systems at BIF extend their heartiest welcome to her.

Kare believes passionately that learning to connect and collaborate more effectively can not only help us succeed, it can foster collaborations that create opportunities to serve the greater good, and she has noted that the best way to accomplish this is to “involve unexpected allies, ardently united around something specific that you all believe is meaningful.” But her transformational approach to the mechanics of collaborative innovation is more than just motivational rhetoric; it has sustained her through a dazzling, award-winning career as a writer, speaker, and consultant, inspiring the likes of David Rockefeller Jr. to assert that “Kare forever changes how you see yourself and your world,” after hearing her speak.

“It is with the greatest pleasure and pride, and with the deepest admiration for her accomplishments, that we welcome Kare Anderson to the board,” declares BIF’s founder and Chief Catalyst, Saul Kaplan. In the act of joining the Business Innovation Factory Board of Directors, Kare makes a vital contribution to BIF’s narrative, as we subsequently begin telling a new and ever more exciting story together.

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