Eli MacLaren

Interview with a Business Model Innovator

At BIF, we have come to understand the conditions that enable institutions to explore and test new business models. We also understand why leaders fail at it.

Over the last few years, I had the pleasure and honor of partnering with the leadership at Children’s Health, a pediatric health care system in Dallas Texas, to successfully navigate this journey.

In a recent conversation, Peter Roberts — President of Population Health and Insurance Services at Children’s — reflected on how to be successful in business model innovation.

Why should leaders explore and test new business models?


What are the critical factors for business model innovation?


What conditions make business model exploration successful?


You can hear more from Peter in his podcast with Saul Kaplan in BIF’s Business Model Sandbox.

UPDATE: BIF's Chief Market Maker Eli MacLaren will be having a conversation with Peter Roberts at the Community Agency & Health Symposium in Oakland, CA, May15-16. "Community Agency & Health is the inaugural symposium of Bridging Health & Community, an organization dedicated to transforming how we approach health so that it goes beyond health care and public health to include fostering community agency." For more information, visit the symposium's page


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