You'll Love Our #BIF2016 Storyteller Line-Up!

We say, and firmly believe, that a good story can change the world. With that in mind, we curate the BIF Summit to feature storytellers who have great stories of transformation.  

Here's a look at all our #BIF2016 storytellers (in alphabetical order), a bit about who they are, and about how and what what they're transforming. We think you'll agree that their stories will definitely change the world.

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I know, it's a big list! We wanted to present the final lineup all in one post. To find out even more about each #BIF2016 storyteller, go to the Summit page.

One other thing: Two of our storytellers have new books coming out within a week of the Summit. All Summit-goers will receive a free copy of Dave Gray's Liminal Thinking: Create The Change You Want By Changing The Way You Think, and Bill Taylor's Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways.

#BIF2016 storytellers: Final Lineup

  • An award-winning print and TV journalist, Kare Anderson believes learning to connect and collaborate more effectively can not only help us succeed, but also foster collaborations that create opportunities to serve the greater good.
  • As Intel’s Vice President and General Manager of Brand, Reputation and Partner Marketing, Penny Baldwin oversees, manages, and approves all brand marketing activities. Her team brings Intel’s brand to life and guards its reputation. 
  • As Director of Business Innovation at Intel Labs, Brandon Barnett leads research in business analytics and external incubation. His work combines complex systems theories with ethnography, business theory, and predictive markets. 
  • A strategic advisor, change management consultant, and certified executive coach — who is also a yoga teacher and healing practitioner — Kelley Black empowers her clients to make a positive impact in their organizations. 
  • Called a "leading work futurist," Stowe Boyd researches and writes about work technology and the future of work. He is founder and editor of, a pop-up futurist think tank. He coined the term ‘hashtag’ in 2007.
  • Matt Cottam is Chief Design Officer at Tellart, which creates immersive spaces and digital experiences that connect the physical and digital worlds. Cottam is also an Advanced Life Support Paramedic who has served on US medical disaster teams. 
  • Director of MIT’s AgeLab, Joseph F. Coughlin is one of “12 pioneers inventing the future of retirement and how we will all live, work, and play tomorrow,” says the Wall Street Journal. He also teaches policy and systems innovation at MIT. 
  • Ted Dintersmith works at the intersection of innovation and education, funding and supporting a range of mostly nonprofit initiatives meant to improve the life prospects of youth worldwide. One such initiative is the film Most Likely To Succeed.  
  • An award-winning cartoonist whose work has been featured in the New Yorker for 30 years, Liza Donnelly is frequently invited to live-draw and live-tweet events such as the Academy Awards and the Democratic National Convention. 
  • Dr. Gregory Downing is Executive Director for Innovation in the Immediate Office of the Secretary at the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). In 2013, Dr. Downing led the establishment of the HHS IDEA Lab, which engages the HHS workforce and empowers them in problem-solving innovation and entrepreneurship activities. 
  • Jenna Eggers is president of Nara Logics in Cambridge, Mass., which uses neuroscience-based artificial intelligence to connect and make sense of big data, so it can be better used in business problem-solving. 
  • A "career coder" and startup founder who has worked in both the public and private sectors, Christine Goodwin is lead technical architect for the Marine Corps’ Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISRE) effort. 
  • Founder of XPLANE, Dave Gray researches and consults on business strategy transformation. All Summit-goers will receive a free copy of his newest book, Liminal Thinking: Create The Change You Want By Changing The Way You Think and The Connected Company
  • Co-chairman of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, John Hagel helps companies use information technology to reshape their business strategies. He co-wrote Power of Pull: How Small Moves, Smartly Made, Can Set Big Things in Motion
  • A futurist and catalyst in biological technologies and a Distinguished Researcher in Autodesk’s in Bio/Nano Research Group, Andrew Hessel helps industry, academics, and authorities understand the changes happening in life science. 
  • Named "one of the world’s most influential management thinkers," Whitney Johnson has worked alongside Clayton Christensen, who created the theory of disruptive innovation. She is the author of Disrupt Yourself and Dare, Dream, Do
  • Todd Khozein, a pioneer in systems innovation based on biological models, is a managing partner at the innovation and collaboration agency SecondMuse. 
  • President of Clal–The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, Rabbi Irwin Kula is an 8th-generation rabbi and a disruptive spiritual innovator. He has been named a "leader shaping the American spiritual landscape."
  • Founder of fitness studio ConBody, Coss Marte developed his fitness program while serving a prison sentence. He employs the formerly incarcerated, calling them "America’s untapped talent," who well-deserve a second chance. 
  • President of Olin College of Engineering, Richard K. Miller designed Olin’s interdisciplinary, project-based curriculum, which emphasizes entrepreneurship and liberal arts alongside the more traditional, rigorous science and engineering fundamentals. 
  • Co-founder of the design and innovation firm TM, Shaun Modi works with founders and leadership teams on products and experiences that improve the human condition through design, while also creating measurable business value. 
  • A former MIT professor of aeronautics and astronautics, Dava Newman is now Deputy Administrator of NASA. She believes we can learn much about Earth by discovering whether Mars once had life — and if so, what happened. 
  • Founder and Director of Philadelphia University’s Strategic Design MBA, whose aim is to educate design thinkers, Natalie Nixon consults and researches at the intersections of creativity and strategy, and business and design. 
  • Now a Senior Fellow researching healthcare at the Brookings Institution, Dr. Kavita Patel helped the Obama administration shape the 2009 federal healthcare reform legislation. She is also a practicing primary care internist. 
  • Kalimah Priforce is Headmaster CEO of Qeyno Labs, which runs Hackathon Academy. This inclusive innovation school harnesses the STEM interests of high-potential youth from low-opportunity settings, teaching them and their mentors to build web and mobile apps that hack isolation and accelerate opportunities. 
  • Once an "at-risk" teen, Roberto Rivera is now President of the Good Life Alliance, which brings ‘hip-hope’ to young people in underserved communities. He connects positive youth development to community development. 
  • Head of quality innovation and engagement at Sanofi Pasteur, Celine Schillinger works to help employees think beyond themselves and toward a meaningful purpose, which raises their job satisfaction and their productivity. 
  • Founder of the Art of Science Learning, Harvey Seifter sparks creativity in science education through the arts in order to develop an innovative 21st-century STEM workforce. For 25 years, he has also been a violinist, composer, and conductor. 
  • Founder of SongwritingWith:Soldiers, Darden Smith uses the craft of songwriting in education, entrepreneurship, and in service to others. Over 30 years, Smith has repeatedly redefined his role and his business model as a musician. 
  • CEO of Human Power Project, Ross Szabo creates mental health programs that provide high school and college students a more complete understanding of brain development, coping mechanisms, and steps to help friends in crisis. 
  • Co-Founder of Fast Company, Bill Taylor writes about innovation and success. All Summit-goers will receive a free copy of his newest book, Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways

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