Got your attention, didn't I?! We just want to make sure you know that two of our #BIF 2016 storytellers have brand-new books coming out within a week of the Summit. They are both offering a free copy for all Summit-goers. We will also have our usual book-sales table, but these two are free. 

The books:

Liminal Thinking: Create The Change You Want By Changing The Way You Think, by Dave Gray. He's founder of Xplane and author of the books The Connected Company, and Gamestorming. Each atteendee will receive a free e-book. He's been a BIF Summit storyteller before — see his talk here

Simply Brilliant: How Great Organizations Do Ordinary Things in Extraordinary Ways, by Bill Taylor. He's founder of Fast Company and author of the books Practically Radical: Not-So-Crazy Ways to Transform Your Company, Shake Up Your Industry, and Challenge Yourself, and Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win. He's been a Summit storyteller more than once — see his talks here. Taylor was also a recent guest on Saul Kaplan's Sandbox Podcast.  



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