100Kin10 Fellowship We Helped Design Featured on The 74

Not all organizations are content to do business as usual.  Our partners at the national nonprofit, 100Kin10 proclaim loudly and proudly that they are "not your grandfather's coalition."  The Fellowship they launched in partnership with the BIF Student Experience Lab is a clear example of how they are breaking ground on new models of collaboration and grantmaking.

100Kin10 is a national organization who is answering the call of President Obama to recruit, train, and retain 100,000 high quality STEM educators in the next ten years!  100Kin10 has already gathered the support of over 280 foundations, institutions, non-profits, schools, and businesses already committed to increasing the number of STEM educators in our classrooms. 

Last year we helped 100Kin10 design, and implement a new Fellowship experience for a small number of 100Kin10 partners to work together to solve challenges that are too big for any one organization to tackle.  We also helped iterate and improve on the design for this year's Fellowship, which kicks off this week at the NASA Space Center in Houston.  BIF's Student Experience Lab Director, Sam Seidel will co-facilitate the launch of this year's Fellowship with 100Kin10's Director of Research and Innovation, David Kanter.

The education news website, The 74, recently released a publication about the 100Kin10 Fellowship we helped design!  Be sure to read the article to learn more: Answering the Call: How 100Kin10 Is Working to Add STEM Teachers to America’s Classrooms.


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