New Round of 100Kin10 Fellowship Brings New Opportunity for BIF SXL

We are excited to announce that the BIF Student Experience Lab has just launched a new project with our partners, 100Kin10! 100Kin10 unites the nation’s top academic institutions, nonprofits, foundations, companies, and government agencies to train and retain 100,000 excellent STEM teachers to educate the next generation of innovators and problem solvers. Last year, we helped 100Kin10 design and implement the first round of the 100Kin10 Fellowship, a new model designed to bring together Partner organizations to collaboratively design and test prototypes that focus on K-12 engineering education.  We co-designed a blended experience, including in-person and virtual learning and collaboration experiences for a cohort of around 30 Fellows.  Over the course of three months, Fellows explored challenges related to increasing the breadth and depth of engineering education, and then used human-centered design processes to develop and prototype new solutions to these challenges.  Watch the video below to hear last year’s Fellows describe the process and its impact on their work.  We look forward to working on the next iteration of the Fellowship, which will focus on Supporting active STEM learning in early childhood.


100K in 10 from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

100Kin10 shares BIF’s approach of engaging in cycles of design, real world testing, design iteration, and re-testing to develop transformative new models.  In this spirit, we will work together to build on all that we learned from the first round of the Fellowship in order to increase this emerging model's impact on the experiences of participating 100Kin10 Partners and, ultimately, on the future of STEM education!  


To learn more about our first round of work with 100Kin10, check out the project page on the BIF Student Experience Lab website.  

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