Where One Prototype Ends, Another Begins

After three weeks of bringing What's Cookin Dallas to neighborhoods and stores across Lake Highlands, Team Family Well-Being has traded their cutting boards, salads, and van for a group of teenagers. Today marks day one of Your Best You, the second prototype of the experimentation phase to be tested.












Your Best You is a leadership development program for teens. Through three weeks of activities intended to incite self discovery (and designed by artfully fusing BIF’s TD4Ed curriculum with elements of Roberto Rivera’s Fulfill the Dream curriculum), our team will explore how self-awareness is cultivated. At the culmination of Your Best You, the evaluation and learnings will be combined with those from What's Cookin', in order to draw a complete picture of change across all elements of family well-being.

We're asking, how might we inspire youth to take initiative, make change, and help others - including their own families - strive for well-being?

In our first phase of research with Children’s Health and Dallas families, the BIF PXL identified the potential of first-generation changemakers to catalyze the well-being of their entire families. Kids who are most likely to adopt new, healthy behaviors and introduce them to their families and friends possess a clear vision of who they are, have a strong sense of their personal values, and can clearly imagine a possible future for themselves. 

To lead others, you have to know yourself.

Carrying that insight into the Family Well-Being project, the team imagined a facilitated space where teens, as potential first-generation changemakers, could develop a stronger sense of self. 

What if, in this space, teens were encouraged to define their values and were exposed to possible futures? And imagine if, because of those experiences, they inspired the people they play, learn, and live with to do the same?  

As we're fond of saying at BIF, Your Best You takes these questions off the white board and into the real world. It's day one, and our Experience Designers are already sending Dallas teens on a photojournalism scavenger hunt - to inspire conversations around the media's power to influence our identities, and to ultimately begin to catalyze identity-awareness. 

I can't say for certain what Day Two holds, but I can say one thing for certain: experimentation and iteration to follow. As always, stay tuned.


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