Less Talk, More Family Well-Being

We'll be the first to admit that BIF likes to talk - take our Medium publication, BIF Speak, as just one of the many pieces of evidence. But we also know when to let a good (video) story speak for itself:


It's often said that the best design begins with empathy. If our work in Dallas has taught us anything, it's that the business model innovation that truly transforms must begin and end with listening.

Empathy is a noun. Listening is a verb.

Empathy (identification with another's feelings, motives, and situation) has enabled our Experience Designers to understand well-being through the families' lens. Listening, though, implies both hearing and heeding. It means paying attention to what's said and not said, and acting accordingly. Listening to families' feedback has helped the team understand what works to incite participation, facilitate connections, and ultimately what model design might best enable families - and communities - to be well. 

To read more about the specific ideas and suggestions that the What's Cookin' Dallas team have been hearing and heeding, head over to the latest project update (you'll find this video story above there, too). Otherwise, keep your eye on our social media channels - as much as we see the value of listening, we're too excited about the potential of responsive social systems to stay silent for long. 

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