Student Experience Lab Gab Week of June 22nd


Things have been a little quiet here at the Business Innovation Factory headquarters. It is not quiet because there isn’t anything going on, but rather because not all of our lab projects are here in Providence, so our staff is a bit scattered at the moment. Although we enjoy when everyone is in the office, we are proud of all our experience designers who are out doing amazingfieldwork (We’re looking at you Kara Dziobek and Karen Jorge!).

At the Student Experience Lab, Lindsey Messervy and Jeff Drury have hit the ground running with our recently announced partnership with 100kin10 in their Fellowship opportunity. The project is little more than two weeks old, and Lindsey and Jeff have already made large strides in working with100Kin10 to lay the foundation for the fellowship. BIF SXL and 100Kin10 are working torwards aligning our goals to create an experience for 100Kin10 partners that will bring them together in order to collaboratively tackle the challenges of bringing a STEM education to students through human centered design. As the project plan is beginning to take shape, more detailed information will be available later next week,

Kirtley and Jeff sharing a workspace

Kirtley Fisher has been hard at work sculpting our Hacks in Action video series. We plan on airing the video sat the end of the summer as a back to school series for educators. Kirtley and videographer Rob Ranneyhave received some incredibly insightful feedback from an organization that specializes in video content for educators. Their feedback has allowed Kirtley and Rob to utilize the strengths of the videos to make them as impactful and inspiring as possible! We look forward to releasing the video series and hope you will enjoy them!

Emma and student designers visiting a school


I also want to take the opportunity to thank Emma Beede, who led the Student Design for Education (SD4E) project. Although Emma is no longer at the BIF (she left to pursue her dreams in beautiful San Francisco), her work with SD4E continues to inspire! The student designers, community members, and Providence Public Schools are set to open two new schools in September of this year. To celebrate the processes of project, we have uploaded theofficial SD4E video, as well as posted a slideshow on the project page. We are also aiming to publish a series of blogs written by Emma during the project. Once they have been published, we will be sure to announce it on BIF speak, our website, and through Twitter!


After returning from Australia, Sam Seidel departed to North Carolina to give a keynote for the NC New Schools summer institute event! By taking a deep look into equity and design in education, the event brought together some amazing people with a focus on design, creation, and inspiration. Invited to share his work on hip-hop education and design-thinking, Sam brought two students for the High School of Recording Arts (the school that he focused on in his book) to help with his presentation on hip-hop Ed. After schooling the crowd with some sweet rhymes (which you can find a video of on ourTwitter) Sam was able to facilitate a design-thinking workshop with over 1,000 people! The energy and excitement of event was explosive, and although it is tempting to drop all the details here, we will be releasing a separate blog about the event at the end of next week.

NCNS conference attendees work on a design thinking project

That concludes this week’s news! You can catch more on-the-go updates through the Student Experience Lab Twitter profile!

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