BIF SXL Goes International!

The Student Experience Lab has had another exciting week! Sam Seidel, our lab director got to share our work down in Australia!


Sam was invited to visit Parramatta Marist School in Australia last week! In 2013, Sam met up with education leaders there, who recently requested Sam come for another visit to share all the things he has been working on. Sam embarked on his journey on May 23rd and despite the 14-hour time difference from Australia to Providence, he has been keeping us updated here at the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) headquarters.

Sam kicked off his visit on the 26th with a morning meeting with the Heads of Department at Parramatta Marist School, a secondary school in Westmead, a suburb of Sydney. He learned about all the things they were doing there, and got to share all the latest projects we have been working on here at the SXL. Between Student Design for Education (SD4E), School HackersTeacher’s Design for Education (TD4Ed) and the When I Grow Up (WIGU) project, the Department heads were shocked at the extensive amount of work the SXL has done since Sam became the lab director. Back at the BIF, we are thrilled that our work is being shared internationally!


After his initial presentation, Sam facilitated a two-hour session with 180 7th-grade boys. He used the time with the students to run a mixed session on Hip Hop Education, a field which he has contributed to with his book Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education, and the SD4E work he has done in the Student Experience Lab. The SD4Ed design project provided to be engaging, albeit difficult initially, and the students were able to design interesting learning experiences for each other.

Sam Seidel showing off the TD4Ed

On the 27th, he facilitated an all-day design jam for 65 staff members at the school. He somehow managed to fit the entire Td4Ed, a 6-week design-thinking curriculum, into one day. For those of you that aren’t completely shocked and impressed by such a courageous feat, you can see the full curriculum, and all it entails here. Despite such a bold undertaking, the design processes went smoothly. In the words of Sam himself,

“It was nuts, but miraculously, it went well — they loved the concept, process, and multimedia materials and they came up with some really impressive prototypes.”


The following day Sam worked with a group of 180 8th-graders. He showed them the SD4Ed video, which was met with equal parts excitement, insightful feedback, and strong questions. Afterwards he was interviewed for a blog in which he gave advice and feedback for leaders of the Deeper Learning Centre.

Sam is currently exploring the city of Melbourne, which we are all pretty jealous about.

Check back next week for an interview with Sam on his education adventure in Australia.

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