Talking Innovation with BIF Summit Alumnus Graham Milner of WD-40

Our Chief Catalyst Saul Kaplan recently had a conversation with Graham Milner, Executive Vice President for Global Innovation at WD-40. A recording of the conversation can be found here. Among other things, Graham and Saul discussed the pros and cons of centralized versus decentralized innovation programs. 

Graham Milner, WD-40When Graham Milner told the WD-40 story at the BIF7 Summit, he was head of the company's Team Tomorrow, a group charged with innovation and extension of current and new brands. WD-40 was facing a serious challenge — how could the company innovate into adjacent space beyond one iconic product? 

Fast forward three years, and Graham was able to talk with Saul about Team Tomorrow's success: the launch of WD-40 Bike, a comprehensive line of products for bike maintenance.

Boston Globe innovation columnist Scott Kirsner moderated the conversation between Saul and Graham, which was part of the Innovation Leader Live series. 

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