What's As Cool As Prototyping?

Team Family Well-Being is moving on to the prototyping stage: taking co-created ideas, building them out into models, and testing those models to transform our healthcare system.

But the original ideas already demonstrate the power inherent in our integrated approach to transformation.

Flip through some of the many ideas generated here:

Organizing the capabilities and resources of the organizations and people that shape families' well-being definitely isn't simple, but these ideas show us how it's possible and why it's fruitful.

Take these examples:

We the Heroes


MentorshipA word not heard often in conversations about our healthcare system, but according to our Dallas families, it should be. It's hard to create the habits of healthy behaviors without seeing them modeled, or understanding their relevance in our own contexts; clinicians can't meet this need alone. We the Heroes connects youth mentorship and career development explicitly with notions of family wellness. Made possible by partnerships among youth, educators, and community organizations, this idea facilitates positive growth for young people, in real time. 



We heard from Dallas families, and know it's true ourselves: accessing healthy food is more complicated than just heading to the produce aisle.  It takes trial and error to eat healthfully on a budget: to know what ingredients make a nutritious meal that families will actually eat, to know which ingredients are affordable, and to do all of that in a busy store with restless, hungry kids in tow. Edu-shopping marries the nutritional know-how of trained professionals, local food resources, and families' and communities' knowledge of their own needs. It creates an opppotunity for families to learn to cook healthy and affordable meals  without taking more time out of their jam-packed schedules, or derailing their efforts to budget.

These potential prototypes are both comprehensive and empowering ideas. They allow families' needs to be heard and addressed; they necessarily break down siloes, creating solutions that are owned by families and communities; they take some of the pressure off our healthcare system and simultaneously support its aims; they foster relationships that support health and well-being.

So, yeah: prototyping some of these ideas will be really cool, because we'll see if and how they can work. But many co-created ideas like these have emerged at every stage of the process, and are pretty cool in their own right. 

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