The Future of Education, Designed by Students

Since its inception, BIF has dreamed of enabling students to design their own school  a school where students are inspired, engaged, and have meaningful decision-making power in how they learn and how the school operates. Our project, Student Design For Education (SD4E), is making that dream a reality, thanks to our collaboration with Youth In Action and generous support from The Rhode Island Foundation and The Nellie Mae Education Foundation.

SD4EBIF is pleased to announce that the student vision coming out of SD4E will not be a hypothetical exercise, but will actually inform the design of two brand new high schools that the Providence Public School District plans to open this fall. The two new schools will operate independently, but will be co-located within the Hope High School and Mt. Pleasant High School facilities in the city.

The Providence Public School District was selected by the Carnegie Corporation of New York to participate in their Opportunity By Design Challenge to design new high school models for student success. They received the funding to facilitate a community-driven school design process, calling on the collective creativity of educators, parents, community members, and students. BIF was asked to facilitate the design process for the two new high schools, integrating our human-centered design methodology, and the vision and experience of students, directly into the design process.

A big and well deserved shout-out to BIF Experience Designer, Emma Beede, who stepped up in a major way to lead this important work. 

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