BIF2015 Workshop: Moving Up the Innovation Learning Curve Together

I'd like to call your attention to this year's BIF Summit workshop, Moving Up the Innovation Learning Curve Together. While we usually do a deep dive into a subject such as 3D printing in the post-Summit workshop, this year we're doing something different.

We'll focus specifically on the things people love about the third-day workshop — that it's a relaxing way to decompress, share inspiration, dig deeper into concepts, and develop connections. So this year we're going to dig deep into the Summit itself — the stories we've just heard, the random collisions we've had, the connections among storytellers, participants, ideas, and stories. This workshop will help provide a context for all the a-ha moments you've had and help you relate them to your work and to your life.

The format: an audience-driven discussion facilitated by BIF Founder and Chief Catalyst Saul Kaplan. Among other things, we'll discuss these questions:

  • What did we discover about ourselves and our work from the past two days of stories?
  • What Summit-inspired insights will we take back to our lives and work?
  • How can the Summit experience make us work, and live, better and smarter?
  • How can this experience help us reimagine or even redesign our work and our lives? 
  • How can we build purposeful networks so that together we can move up theinnovation learning curve faster?

Workshops are held at the BIF's Providence offices, and space is limited. You won't want to miss this, so be sure to select "workshop" when you register here for the BIF Summit.

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