Really Rapid Design in BIF's Patient Experience Lab

If a key element of innovation and design processes is rapid prototyping, the Patient Experience Lab (PXL) has been redefining what "rapid" means.

As of this Friday, our Experience Designers will have taken four flights in and out of Dallas in the past two weeks. They will have facilitated two Participatory Design Studios, synthesized ideas for transforming healthcare — co-created by Children's Health, Dallas families, and communities  and presented the synthesized ideas back to the communities for critique and refinement (learn more about the scope of the Dallas project here).

Oh, and did I mention the integration of several rounds of feedback into a new draft of a healthcare narrative playbook? To the left is Experience Designer Lindsey Messervey, undoubtedly excited after completing the draft today.

Kudos, PXL. I'm tired just from witnessing all of this.

At BIF, we're big proponents of collaboration and "seeking the gold in the grey space" - a fancy way of saying we like to get passionate innovators from different contexts together and let the inevitable magic happen.

"Healthcare professionals, community stakeholders, and patients are facing similar struggles in their diverse contexts."

That's exactly why our Experience Designers have been working so hard. What's driving our teams to create video assets after 12-hour days in the Participatory Design process, or to spend their in-flight time to Dallas editing a narrative playbook draft?

And, more pressingly: why is it so relevant to create collaborative spaces for healthcare innovation - spaces that include patients in the conversation? 

So many reasons. Here are just a few that come to mind:

  • Research confirms that patients with ownership and confidence in managing their care are likely to be healthier. Communication among patients, providers, and others that affect patients' well-being and care is undoubtedly a key element to ensuring that patients feel confidence and ownership.
  • To quote the video above, "communities are divided, but we're all going through the same thing." Healthcare professionals, community stakeholders, and patients are facing similar struggles: pressures to cut costs, high occurence of chronic disease, difficulty identifying or locating resources, keeping up with the rapid pace of change in the 21st century. Convening begets healthcare innovation in part because it allows us to share and analyze common experiences and frustrations.

Speaking of common experiences, super-rapid Patient Experience Lab prototyping also has its price: our poor Lab Director got sick in Dallas last week and apparently passed it on to our Chief Market Maker, who was feeling a little under the weather this morning at Dallas departure time.

Wishing our team an illness-free Community Critique. Stay tuned for updates!

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