Welcome to PeaceLove, BIF's Newest Member

We’re pleased to announce that PeaceLove has joined BIF as a new member!

PeaceLove, located in Pawtucket, RI, helps communities impacted by mental health disorders find hope and support by offering expressive arts workshops and events. PeaceLove also is a pioneer in the effort to foster the concept of mental wellness.

Says PeaceLove founder Jeffrey Sparr, "We help people create peace of mind through expressive arts and a symbol of hope. With the sale of merchandise and support of our partners, together we have provided over 17,000 free life-changing experiences. We want to help people understand that while it's not cool to have a mental illness, it's cool to support mental wellness."

"We’re thrilled to have PeaceLove in the BIF community. Their mission is transformational in and of itself, and I look forward to collaborating with PeaceLove Studios in creating new business models for healthcare," said Saul Kaplan, BIF Founder and Chief Catalyst.

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