New #TD4Ed Design Thinking Online Curriculum Launches Today

Today I heard a story on the radio about recent research that found that school district superintendents don't have much effect on student success. Reform-minded "superstars" at the top aren't as effective as engaged principals and teachers in the classrooms of our schools. The abstract notion of innovating education is trumped by concrete ways to empower teachers and principals to identify and solve challenges in their own classrooms and schools.

Last June I had the privilege of watching the teacher teams from the Teachers Design for Education (#TD4Ed) pilot share the stories of how they had done just that  learned to identify and solve challenges in their own classrooms and schools. These teachers chose challenges and worked through them, using the principles of design thinking they learned during the #TD4Ed project.

The team stories I witnessed were the culmination of a months-long process in which a few teams of teachers were coached in-person. But today the #TD4Ed team has accomplished something truly innovative, by launching a brand-new online curriculum, accessible for free from a website that anyone can access. Any teachers, anywhere, can team up, learn design thinking, and identify and tackle their challenges, working completely online.

#TD4Ed project leader Lindsey Messervy introduced the new website to teachers by writing, "If you had the chance to change something about education for this coming school year — whether it’s your personal practice, department, school, district, or beyond — what would that be?"

The new #TD4Ed website offers teachers the opportunity to change education for the better in the only way that works  one teacher and one classroom at a time.

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