BIF Designer Spearheads Providence Community Project: Artist-Designed, Pop-Up Mini Golf Course

This summer at BIF we've all watched and supported our colleague Kara Dziobek as she successfully competed for a grant, then Kickstarter funding for a Providence community project — the PVD Putt-Putt, a pop-up, mini-golf course.

The course's nine holes can be set up anywhere, but will be set up twice a week at Armory Park on the city's West Side, starting with a grand opening this Sat., July 12, and running until Oct. 31, 2014.

Imagine if 'play' could catalyze a whole community to connect with each other on another level, bringing a community together around laughter, joy, and imagination. - Kara Dziobek, BIF Experience Designer

What I like about PVD Putt-Putt is that Kara designed it by weaving together a variety of threads that create a rich tapestry of community. From holes created by local artists and designers, to the PopUp Providence grant and Kickstarter funding, to the course's placement in a public park in an inner-city neighborhood, and finally to the free admission (donations are encouraged and will go to a different local nonprofit each week), the project proclaims that it's by, and for, its community.

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