A Trail of A-Ha's: Why We Invited Dan Pink to BIF10

We're full of news about BIF10: Early registration discount (save $200 before May 1!), exciting 3D printing workshop! But nothing gets us as excited as the storyteller lineup. Most recently confirmed: Daniel Pink. Here's why storytellers like Dan Pink are central to what the BIF Summit is all about:

Dan Pink first spoke at BIF7 in 2011. You can see him in the video linked below talking about how artists and innovators both "give people something they didn't know they were missing," and some of the ways that we can tap into our own motivation to innovate. Never once in the talk does Dan mention his most recent book (which was Drive), but his stories about how companies like Google and Twitter and the two British researchers who won the Nobel Prize for discovering graphene made us all realize that, our very human-ness means we require, oddly, both more and less than assignments and expectations and deadlines to motivate us to create.

bif7-dan pink from Business Innovation Factory on Vimeo.

I confess I am a Dan Pink fangirl: I can attest that his newsletter is truly "irregular and irreverent." I have heard him speak on several occasions. As all the best storytellers do, he loops closely, but not too closely, around his topic in ways that leave a trail of "a-ha" moments for his audience. When he tees up his subject then says, "there's a little bit of research on that," we lean forward in our seats waiting for the a-ha's. 

"If you really want to change the world you need to levitate some frogs," was how Dan closed his BIF7 talk. Here at BIF, we think that if you really want to change the world, you invite storytellers like Dan Pink to a-ha several hundred innovation junkies, then set them loose to connect with each other. If you agree, we can't wait to see you at BIF10!

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