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BIF's Brand New Student Experience Lab Director!

We are delighted to welcome Sam Seidel to the BIF family, as the new Director of our Student Experience Lab.

Sam is passionate about transforming education, working with organizations, schools, and districts throughout the United States to imagine, prototype and test new models and systems that provide all young people—particularly those who have been marginalized—with opportunities for success.

Sam Seidel“Sam is one of us,” says Saul Kaplan, BIF’s Chief Catalyst. “He’s an innovation junkie who knows that we can, and must, design and test new education models that deeply engage and serve the 21st century student.”

Sam is an avid teacher, author, and speaker. In 2011, Sam wrote and published Hip Hop Genius, in which he lays out a vision for how hip-hop's genius— creative resourcefulness in the face of constraints —can lead to a fundamental remix of the way we think of teaching, school design, and education leadership.

At BIF, we agree with Sam, there isn’t a better metaphor than Hip Hop for unleashing student passion and putting students at the center of education transformation conversation and process. Here is a short sneak peak into the power and potential of Sam’s education transformation vision.

In his capacity as Student Experience Lab Director, Sam will be responsible for expanding the already robust portfolio of BIF projects transforming the student and teacher experience. He will be growing and strengthening BIF's network of investors, partners and innovators to accelerate the transformation of our education system.

Join us in welcoming Sam. Email Sam at [email protected]. He can be found on twitter @husslington.

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