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Students Design for Education (SD4E) highlighted in RI Education Commissioner Deborah Gist's State of Education address

It was an honor for the Business Innovation Factory (BIF) to be mentioned, as part of the Students Design for Education (SD4E) project partnership, in Commissioner Deborah Gist's State of Education address, yesterday.

"Can you imagine a school that is truly designed from the ground up to meet the best interest of students? What would such a school look like? Well, we figured the best place to start is by asking the students themselves. So we have formed a partnership with the Business Innovation Factory and Youth in Action to bring a group of students together in the Students Design for Education – the SD4E – project. Through SD4E, students will brainstorm, share ideas, design, and create a school of their own – and then our plan is to make that school a reality that will educate young people in Rhode Island for years to come." - Deborah Gist

SD4E is a groundbreaking initiative to create the first student-designed school. SD4E is driven by 24 ingenious students, powered by 1 killer design process, and guided by the gumption of three partners in Rhode Island. Together with Youth in Action and the Rhode Island Department if Education (RIDE), BIF is determined to change the national conversation on education and build a new kind of school through SD4E.

In her State of Education address, the RI Education Commisioner said:

Read the full State of Education address.

If you would like to be involved in SD4E, contact Eli Stefanski at 401-270-7906 or [email protected]

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