Patient Experience Lab Field Update: Co-creating a new model to deliver wellness

This week, the Patient Experience Lab (PXL) team are taking their work to the next level with Children's Medical Center - Dallas. Having gathered stories from over thirty families in Dallas, Texas about their experiences of wellness and sick care, the PXL team are now putting them at the center of the process to design and test an entirely new model to deliver wellness. Above are some images of the design workshops we have been conducting this week. 

Why are we doing this?

With some of the worst health indicators in the country, Dallas is in need of a new way to deliver health and wellness. At BIF, we always try to put people at the center of a process to design and test new business models for big social systems. We believe it is important to not just design for users but to design with them, believing that cocreating generates more engaging, better fit solutions. We also just enjoy seeing under-served users taking the system by the horns and hacking it into something useful and meaning. We are developing a rich understanding of what families need and working together to understand how we build it in a way that is seamless, engaging, and trusted by families. 

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013
Personal note from Eli Stefanski, Project Manager and BIF's Chief Market Maker

I am always deeply moved by working with Dallas families, and today I had the opportunity work with 5 mothers to design a new health model. Their boldness and courage and stories touched me. Over the course of this week, we are working with 90+ mothers, fathers, bothers, and sisters who have given themselves permission to be change agents. When we returned to our hotel last night, there was a mess of political strife. The Heritage Foundation was hosting a big securitized Defund Obama Care rally, and people had packed the room to show their support. Another group of protestors had organized outside to raise their voice against the rally. Against this back drop of noise making and knocking heads, 90 creative, hard working people in Dallas communities are designing an entirely new model. Talk about being inspiration accelerators. We are grateful and incredibly blessed to participate.

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