Patient Experience Lab Field Update [VIDEO]: Using Shadowing to Tell Holistic Stories

Experience Designer, Lindsey Messervy, and Digital Media Producer, James Hamar, explain how the Design and Storytelling teams at BIF use shadowing. They reflect upon a recent trip spent exploring several families' experiences of wellness in relation to My Childrens, the primary care provider at Children's Medical Center-Dallas. The technique of shadowing allows BIF to observe human experience outside of the institutions that are set up to manage wellness, while also capturing rich visual content to help tell a holistic story of each family.

We will use this phase of research to find the gaps in which value is or is not being delivered. Then, we will consider those gaps when designing and testing new models that better serve patients' needs. For more information, check out the insights and opportunity spaces that we defined in the foundational research that is supporting our continued work with Children's Medical Center-Dallas.

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