BIF Presenting At National Association of Children's Hospitals' Annual Conference

NACHRIIn October 2013, BIF'er Eli Stefanski and our partners at Children's Medical Center-Dallas (CMC) will present at the Annual Leadership Conference of the National Associaiton of Children's Hospitals (NACHRI). Building on the conference theme, Confronting Uncertainty, the team will share how they are using human-centered design and business model innovation to guide a system and community wide approach to transform the health and well-being of children.

In an effort to transform the health of the pediatric population in North Texas, BIF and CMC are partnering to design and test new business models centered around wellness, not sick care. In July 2012, we launched the Children's Wellness Experience Labas a platform for using the voice, insights, and experience of children and their families to guide the design and experimentation of wholly new models within CMC.

Utilizing these insights and recognizing that improving the health of the entire pediatric population requires a broader community effort, CMC launched the Health and Wellness Alliance for Children. Guided by the voice of children and their families, this initiative will align multiple community organizations and agencies towards a common agenda to collectively improve the health and well-being of children in North Dallas.

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