Student Experience Lab Set to Re-Think College Planning Process

When it comes to college planning, students and families are faced with a million things to think about and worry over. While a variety of individual – and often innovative – approaches, programs and tools exist to help students successfully navigate, plan for and access higher education, touchpoints are often confusing, fragmented and decentralized.

Research conducted by the College Board reveals that students and families are desperate for better, more realistic guidance and practical tools and advice to help build a college list and decide where to apply based on admissibility and affordability. To help students build a more thoughtful, balanced college list—driven by fit (based on goals and interest), admission and affordability considerations, College Board is working with the Student Experience Lab (SXL) to re-think and re-imagine the college planning process.

Sharing our belief that students should play an active role in the redesign of their educational experience (see below), College Board and the SXL will be engaging a group of students and families in the co-creation of a college list planning solution. Using our participatory design approach approach, our group of innovators will travel through a "research-design-prototype" cycle of discovery.

The first phase of work involves illuminating the college planning process through the voices of high school juniors and seniors and college freshmen. Output from this research will be shared on our Insight Engine.

We welcome College Board and this new participatory design experiment into the Lab.

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