Our Week in Tweets

@toridrew: Just carried by myself 50 @practicallyrad books up from the lobby for our event with Bill on Jan. 18. Congrats on the new book (and my biceps)!

@skap: Meet 13 year old Matthew Moniz, newest addition to the #BIF7 storyteller line-up. Amazing story. http://ow.ly/1rZlM2

@chrisflanagan: Congrats to Bill @practicallyrad Taylor for today's launch of new book Practically Radical. Love it! Looking fwd to his 1/18 book chat @ BIF

@katherinebif: entangle yourself within the woven web of connectivity

@xstine: Re-entry is proving tough after a week in Jamaica.

@skap5: @TheBIF does Facebook. Calling all friends. http://on.fb.me/

@chrisflanagan: Could 2011 be the Year of the Social Enterprise? http://bit.ly/e22MQ3 - #socialmedia #smchat

@skap5: Sad so many companies make employees feel like they're in a china shop and might break something if they try anything new.

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