From Tweaks to Transformation: Why Business Model Innovation Matters

From Tweaks to Transformation: Why Business Model Innovation Matters - SOLD OUT
Friday, September 17, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Business Innovation Factory HQ (60 Valley Street, Providence, RI 02909)


Attention BIF-6 Summit Attendees: Join BIF Founder Saul Kaplan and Babson College President Len Schlesinger for an invigorating conversation about the challenges and opportunities of business model innovation, an emerging but, in many cases, still poorly understood discipline.

Building on the inspiration and insights shared at the BIF Summit, Saul and Len will lead a discussion about the principles and practices of business model innovation and business model experimentation. Participants in this special meet-up—open only to participants of the BIF-6 Summit—will gain exposure to core concepts in business model innovation, including insights into the current imperative for business model innovation, an introduction to business model fundamentals and exposure to real- world case examples that illustrate techniques for designing and implementing new business models. Saul and Len will also introduce participants to the capabilities needed to establish an ongoing R&D capability for developing and evaluating new business models.

Business model innovation is one of the most challenging components of 21st century leadership. Making incremental improvements to your business model—creating new efficiencies, expanding into adjacent markets, etc.—is hard enough. Developing and experimenting with new business models that truly transform how your company delivers value (while continuing to drive the performance of your current business model) is exceptionally difficult. To compete in a world where the “shelf life” of business models is shortening, leaders need the tools, skills, and experience to envision, test, and implement new business models. Moreover, successful organizations will establish an ongoing process to explore new models for delivering value—even those that are disruptive to current operations.

Join Saul and Len to learn more about this special brand of innovation, share your story, and translate some of the inspiration of the BIF-6 Summit into action for you and your organization.

Seats are limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis. The cost of this gathering is included in the BIF-6 registration fee. Breakfast and snacks will be served.

This event is sold out, to be added to the wait list, please contact Tori Drew at [email protected].

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