Dan Pink Videos Now Available

On March 29th, author Dan Pink was in the house to talk about his latest book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. After digging into some 40 years of behavioral research, Dan concludes that the carrot and stick approach to motivation is fundamentally wrong and there is a more effective path to high performance. In this talk, given in front of a large crowd of Pink enthusiasts, Dan gets into detail about the surprising and significant disconnect between what science knows (namely that systems driven by rewards and punishment are incorrect) and what business does (live and breath by reward and punishment).

What are the elements of true motivation and how can they be put into action?

Watch Dan's talk


Thanks to Dan Pink for sitting down with BIF college intern Elicia Welch for a chat about Drive. Elicia asked some great questons about Dan's research process, how to organize for innovation and the ironic failures of college education.

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