John Abele, talks about his lifelong journey in finding his father's ship by Adrian Chernoff

Closing the door on a wound, he and his brother found the ship, the Grunion, in which his father died in and was lost in 1942. The journey began with a search zone of 20,000 miles. Sixty-four years later, a group of civilians led by John and his brothers, finds the ship in 2006 by first talking to Yutaka Iwasaki who found an obscure article in a Japanese merchant marine journal in 2002, and then meeting with Bob Ballard about finding the target ship under the ocean from the article. John then hired a crab boat similarly to those used in Dangerous Jobs, to conduct an underwater search. They found the ship in Kiska Harbour, a lord of the rings environment, a place without trees.

There were more than 100 published articles about every sailor on the ship. And in 2008, 200 relatives attended the memorial ringing the bell from the ship.

John Abele is the retired founder and chairman of Boston Scientific Corporation, a 23,000 employee, $8 billion global company.

By guest blogger, Adrian Chernoff, an innovation expert at Ideation Genesis.

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