Tori Drew

Director of Operations

As BIF's director of operations, Tori Drew plays a key role in several BIF activities, including the coordination of our annual Collaborative Innovation Summits.

A logistics wiz kid with more than 15 years experience managing big budget, high visibility projects, Drew returned to Rhode Island in 2003 after ten years at Sony Music, where she served as Director of Production for Columbia Records' Online and Emerging Technologies team. An early player in the world of web-based music, Drew developed production procedures for emerging technologies, including multimedia content on CD's, music downloads, wireless content, e-postcards and flash videos.

"Tori's got a great eye for detail and an almost inhuman tolerance for creating order from chaos," says BIF Communications Director Melissa Withers. "More importantly, she truly understands the minutia of creating world-class programs and memorable experiences - something that is core to our mission at BIF."

Just how does one go from working with artists like Aerosmith, Destiny's Child, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, and Billy Joel to helping BIF enable collaborative innovation? According to Drew, who most recently found a niche as the operations director for Matt Brown's U.S. Senate campaign, her skills - seeing a project from start to finish - apply in almost any arena.

"Whether I'm coordinating a splashy event or making sure that phones work, what I most enjoy is helping people get things done," says Drew, who prefers life outside of the spotlight. "I think my best contribution is getting all the parts and pieces lined up - then getting out of the way so that the good stuff can happen."