• Alph Bingham

    President and Chief Executive Officer, InnoCentive

    You don't get a PhD in organic chemistry without spending a lot of time in the lab—and Alph Bingham remembers well how his professors would turn to the 20 or 30 graduate students and post-docs in their research group and ask for their help in solving some complicated problem or another. The...Continued

  • Clay Christensen

    Robert and Jane Cizik Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

    He began his career in business. Spend a few minutes with him, and you'll understand why he switched to academics. Clayton Christensen is a born teacher. He's also both a theoretical and practical trainer helping companies discover markets that do not yet exist.


  • Richard Florida

    Founder, Creative Class Group

    Richard Florida is one of the world's leading public intellectuals. Esquire Magazine recently named him one of the ‘Best and Brightest’ in America. He is author of the national and international best-selling book, The Rise of the Creative Class, which received the Washington Monthly's...Continued

  • Andrew Hargadon

    Associate Professor and Director of Technology Management, UC-Davis

    Andrew Hargadon is an Associate Professor and Director of Technology Management programs at the UC-Davis Graduate School of Management. He's also the best-selling author of How Breakthroughs Happen: The Surprising Truth About How Companies Innovate, a counter-intuitive corrective to the ‘...Continued

  • Diane Hessan

    President and Chief Executive Officer, Communispace

    Diane Hessan has been working at the intersection of marketing and customer-focused innovation her entire career. And ever since she opened her first successful lemonade stand in 1960, she knew she was destined to lead fast-growing, exciting companies.

    But what gets her really jazzed...Continued

  • Larry Huston

    Managing Partner, 4INNO

    Back in 2001, Larry Huston, Procter & Gamble’s Vice President of R&D Innovation and Knowledge, was given a lofty goal by CEO A.G. Lafley – source 50% of the company’s innovation externally. Huston has been driving hard to meet that mandate and today, he greets a steady stream of visitors...Continued

  • Jean-Pierre Jeannet

    F. W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Director, The Glavin Center

    Dr. Jeannet is the F. W. Olin Distinguished Professor of Global Business and Director of The Glavin Center. Dr. Jeannet has primary teaching responsibility for two courses: Global Marketing and Global Strategic Management. He was a visiting lecturer at Keio University Graduate School of Business...Continued

  • John Kao

    Innovation Strategist and Practitioner

    Considered a leading authority on the subjects of innovation, organizational transformation and digital media, John Kao was dubbed “Mr. Creativity” and a “serial innovator” by the Economist. He describes his job as an “instigator of new things.”

    Kao's the author of best-selling...Continued

  • Larry Keeley

    Co-founder and President of Innovation and strategy, Doblin

    As an obsessive investigator into the root causes of innovation failure, Larry Keeley believes that "almost everything about the way innovation is taught and practiced and asserted is wrong." After all, since innovation fails about 96% of the time, he wonders why people even bother...Continued

  • Ellen Levy

    Vice President Corporate Development & Strategy, LinkedIn

    Globalization and technology are dramatically changing how we do our jobs. For some it can be a problem. Others see extraordinary promise. Meet Ellen Levy—interventionist, bridge builder, arbitrager — a self-proclaimed opportunist, who has an indefatigable ability to make powerful connections...Continued

  • Roger Martin

    Dean of the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

    Roger Martin has served as dean of the Rotman School of Management since September 1, 1998. Previously, he spent 13 years as a Director of Monitor Company, a global strategy consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he served as co-head of the firm for two years.


  • Edward M. Mazze

    Dean of the College of Business Administration, University of Rhode Island

    Edward M. Mazze is Dean of the College of Business Administration and holder of the Alfred J. Verrecchia - Hasbro Inc. Leadership Chair in Business at the University of Rhode Island. Previously, he has served as Dean of The Belk College of Business Administration at The University of North...Continued

  • Christopher Meyer

    Founder, Monitor Talent

    Chris's mission is to anticipate and shape the future of business. He has pursued this goal as entrepreneur, executive, consultant, author, and as leader of a think tank.

    His fourth book, Standing on the Sun, will be published by Harvard Business School Press in July, 2011. His...Continued

  • Bruce Nussbaum

    Professor of Innovation and Design, New School; Author of the new book, Creative Intelligence

    Bruce Nussbaum is the author of the forthcoming book, Creative Intelligence: Harnessing the Power to Create, Connect, and Inspire. He blogs, tweets and writes on innovation, design thinking and creativity. The former assistant managing editor for Business Week is a Professor of Innovation and...Continued

  • Jeneanne Rae

    Co-founder and President, Peer Insight

    Back in 2005, Jeneanne Rae was tagged with an eccentric title by her friend, BusinessWeek editor Bruce Nussbaum: "Jeneanne Rae," Nussbaum wrote, "is the doyenne of service innovation."

    "Frankly, it was a bit strange," says Rae. "It conjures up a picture...Continued

  • John Seely Brown

    Visiting Scholar, Annenberg Center at USC

    Co-host of the BIF1 Collaborative Innovation Summit, John Seely Brown, Chief of Confusion, is the former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and Director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) as well as Research Advisor to the Business Innovation Factory.

    Part scientist, part artist...Continued

  • Clay Shirky

    Writer, consultant and teacher

    Clay is a writer, consultant and teacher who has spent years talking about the social and economic effects of Internet technologies. He teaches New Media as an adjunct professor at New York University's (NYU) graduate Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). His courses address, among...Continued

  • Bill Taylor

    Founding Editor, Fast Company, Coauthor, Mavericks at Work, New book, Practically Radical

    Bill Taylor is a writer, a speaker, and entrepreneur who has shaped the global conversation about the best ways to compete, innovate, and succeed. As a cofounder and founding editor of Fast Company, Bill launched a magazine that won countless awards, and earned a passionate following among...Continued

  • Stefan Thomke

    Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School

    Stefan Thomke, an authority on the management of technology and product innovation, is Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. He has worked with US, European and Asian firms on product and technology development, organizational and strategic issues.

    Since joining...Continued

  • Eric von Hippel

    Professor and Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group, MIT

    Eric von Hippel is a Professor and Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He specializes in research related to the nature and economics of distributed and open innovation. He also develops and teaches about practical methods that firms can use...Continued

  • Harry West

    Vice President for Strategy and Innovation, Continuum

    As Vice President for Strategy and Innovation at Design Continuum, Inc., Harry West has been in your business, your house and maybe even in your car. “We help companies see the unseen and envision whole new opportunities for growth” says West. “But to see something, you have to be able to not...Continued

  • John Wolpert

    Innovation Consultant, TheThreePercent

    The Man in the Middle

    For a guy who spent the last 20 years either starting new companies or helping large organizations innovate, John Wolpert doesn't talk about innovation very much. Instead, he's more inclined to speak about the merits of talent development, micro-investment...Continued

  • David Yaun

    Vice President, Corporate Communications, IBM

    Rewriting Playbooks

    David Yaun is Vice President, Corporate Communications at IBM and directs their global internal and external communications programs related to innovation and technology leadership. He’s also the lead executive responsible for the company’s annual Global Innovation...Continued

  • Robert Zimmer

    President, University of Chicago

    Robert J. Zimmer is the Ford Foundation Professor and Professor of Mathematics and the ninth provost of Brown University.

    Before coming to Brown University, Provost Zimmer served in a number of administrative capacities at the University of Chicago, including department chair (1991-95),...Continued