At the Business Innovation Factory, we help business and social-systems leaders design and test transformational business models. In complex social systems like healthcare, education, and government, where the potential and impact for making people's lives better is the highest. For businesses, R&D for new business models is the new strategic imperative now that business models are so short-lived.  Our approach in all cases is human-centered, seeking to understand the job customers need done, and using this insight to design new experiences to better serve them. We experiment in the real world, and rely on storytelling to engage others in the process. 


Emily McGinnis

Community Associate, Citizen Experience Lab

Emily is the Community Associate for BIF’s Citizen Lab, a role in which she helps grow and engage an actionable network of innovators and organizations working to transform communities and promote citizen well-being. She also communicates and amplifies the message of the work being done in...Continued

Mickey Ackerman

Chief Design Strategist

An internationally recognized design leader, Mickey Ackerman has spent decades teaching designers how to define problems clearly, then solve those problems through multidisciplinary teamwork. For 15 years as the head of the Industrial Design department at the Rhode Island School of Design,...Continued

Jacob Brancasi

Experience Design Leader

Jacob comes to BIF from his own consulting practice, through which he helped clients better understand, engage and empower individual and community aspirations, values, and talents. He is particularly adept at translating contextual insights into actionable experience, service, and product...Continued

Jessica Brown

Student Lab Associate

Jessica works as the Student Experience Lab Associate at BIF. She is excited to combine her passion for education and transformative systems’ change in this role. Originally from Canton, OH, she concentrated in...Continued

Tori Drew

Director of Operations

As BIF's director of operations, Tori Drew plays a key role in several BIF activities, including the coordination of our annual Collaborative Innovation Summits.

A logistics wiz kid with more than 15 years experience managing big budget, high visibility projects, Drew returned to...Continued

Kat Esser

Patient Experience Lab Director

Kat Esser is the Patient Experience Lab Director at the Business Innovation Factory. She is a seasoned change agent in the healthcare landscape who thrives on moving organizations from thinking and talking about solutions toward prototyping and learning from solutions that balance organizational...Continued

Sarah Folger

Experience Designer

[email protected]

Sarah is interested in how people interact with each other and the world around them.  What began as a pursuit in fine arts evolved into a Design degree and a passion for service design.

Before joining BIF Sarah was a Service Design Associate with the Education Design Lab. As an...Continued

Victoria Guck

Finance & Operations Associate

Victoria has the heart of a teacher and the enthusiasm and optimism of a student. She loves to be involved and is excited to help out wherever she can. She is primarily focused on bookkeeping and administrative assistant duties at Business Innovative Factory.

Victoria earned her B. A....Continued

Saul Kaplan

Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory

Saul Kaplan is the founder and Chief Catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory and author of The Business Model Innovation Factory: How to Stay...Continued

Samantha Kowalczyk

Senior Digital Designer

Sam is BIF's print-making, video-shooting, photo-taking digital sorcerer. She is also our resident bleepy-bloopy music enthusiast and full-time dog petter....Continued

Stephanie Lanoue

Talent Manager

As Talent Manager, Stephanie is responsible for connecting people to projects.  In this capacity, she improves processes, manages assignments and priorities, and develops growth plans for her colleagues. A former educator, she uses her insight into an individual’s strengths to provide...Continued
Eli MacLaren

Chief Market Maker

Eli is Chief Market Maker leading BIF’s development efforts. With over a decade of experience in building and leading social ventures Eli is an accomplished social innovator with a deep knowledge of the new platforms affecting social change and has an established track record in non-profit...Continued

Louie Montoya

Experience Designer

Louie's post-colonial studies opened his world to the power of stories to change systems. Because of his interest in the effects of...Continued
Liz Ouk

Office Coordinator

Liz comes to BIF after working in the Biotechnology industry for 12 years. She began her career as an Administrative Assist and evolved into positions including Customer Service and Project Management. Liz Served as the main liaison between customers, management and sales team in planning,...Continued

Elizabeth Rodgers

Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Rodgers brings over 10 years experience in marketing, communications, design and public relations to her role as marketing manager at Business Innovation Factory.

Elizabeth’s primary focus is to continuously drive thoughtful, brand building marketing programs to help...Continued

Crystal Rome

Senior Experience Designer

Crystal Rome is fascinated by how human behavior, the economy we are creating, and the decisions we make interact to shape our future.
She received her MFA in Collaborative Design from Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Collaborative Design...Continued
Jennifer Schmidt

Patient Experience Lab Associate

Jennifer works as the Community Associate in the BIF Patient Experience Lab, where she works closely with the lab director and experience designers to communicate and support the work being done by BIF to improve the Healthcare landscape. With a background in Healthcare policy and experience at...Continued

Sam Seidel

Student Experience Lab Director

Sam Seidel is the Director of the Student Experience Lab at the Business Innovation Factory and author of Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education (Rowman & Littlefield, 2011). Sam speaks internationally about innovative solutions to challenges facing schools, community...Continued

Sergio Suhett

Social Media & Marketing Associate

As Business Innovation Factory’s Social Media & Marketing Associate, Sergio stands at the open border between the innovators at BIF and the people and organizations in the wide world of ideas. In this role, Sergio infuses his work with a capacity for purposeful, remarkably relevant...Continued

Isabelle Yisak

Experience Designer

As an Experience Designer, Isabelle brings her experience in participatory design, facilitation, and social research methods to translate data into meaningful knowledge that can serve people and spark transformative change. Ever curious about how our physical and social environments can...Continued

Kay Zagrodny

Experience Designer

Originally from Rhode Island, Kay Zagrodny is excited to apply her anthropology background as an Experience Designer at BIF. She is interested in coming to deeper understandings about human motivations and behaviors, and has performed research on populations living with HIV/AIDs, food systems,...Continued