Business Innovation Factory

Connect. Inspire. Transform.

A Passion for Transformation

The Business Innovation Factory (BIF) is a platform for transforming our most intractable systems, like healthcare, education, entrepreneurship, and energy, where players — both private and public — can design and test new solutions in a real-world environment.

We know how hard innovation is: Where will the great ideas come from? How will they be implemented and scaled? How do we evaluate them in the face of uncertainty? At BIF, we also know the power of experimenting in the real world with a network of collaborators with the audacity to change everything.

Our Model is Simple

  • Connect

    Innovation is a team sport that requires collaboration, learning, and experimentation across sectors and industries. No one person has all the answers.

  • Inspire

    Innovators are epic optimists, fueled by a passion and conviction that there is a better way to create value. We must inspire them daily with portraits of possibilities.

  • Transform

    Together, we are designing the future. The past is not our reference point; tweaks won’t do. We must create a wholly new vision and experiment our way to its emergence.

Enabling Random Collisions

Through our annual Collaborative Innovation Summit, salons, and online conversations, we connect our community of innovators, inspiring collective learning and improving collective performance. We enable the random collisions of unusual suspects because we know the value that lies in the gray space between industries and sectors.

Our People

  • The BIF Team

    A multidisciplinary office of unusual suspects: Meet the Business Innovation Factory team.

  • Board of Directors

    Get to know the Business Innovation Factory board of directors.

  • BIF Members

    Members in the Business Innovation Factory directly support BIF's mission and engage in BIF projects.

  • Research Advisory Council

    BIF's RAC helps shape our research initiatives, providing direction on best/next practices.

Be Part of Designing the Future

We urge you to let loose your passion and join our network of innovators, transformation artists, and audacious change-makers. BIF is accelerating innovation in the public and private sectors to unleash the transformative power of our community.

Tapping into the wisdom of our innovation community gives us access to limitless knowledge. We don't have all the answers, but we know that when we experiment and learn together, we can go further than we can go alone.